The Plot Thickens: Luis Valbuena Joins the Jays

How does the Blue Jays newest acquisition fits in with the Blue Jays? (Getty Images VIA Daylife)



Okay, so it’s not that big of a move. But it still acts as a wake up call for any Jays fans that may have fallen asleep after the Pujols/Fieldermania.

The Blue Jays (loving the new logo, more on that later) trade cash to the Cleveland Indians in order to get IF Luis Valbuena.

What it means to The Jays:

The Jays are looking for infield depth after losing John McDonald to the Diamondbacks and their multi-year contract offer. Mike McCoy for all of his scrappy, baserunny, emergency pitcher-y, frequent flying-ly, grittastical goodness, hasn’t really lit the world on fire since he was claimed on waivers two years ago. Even as a back-up option he’s been a little lack luster:

Yech. Even for a bench player, that’s not nice. Fielding aside, these numbers scream AAAA (or, for laymen, too good for minors but not good enough for MLB) talent right there. Now that the Jays have Valbuena, there’s some competition for the the utility infielder bench spot. Both players have some skills that could help the team, but it’s a tight fit between the two.


+   A slick defender at all positions except catcher
+   Got some wheels, and he likes to show them off
+   Heck, he can pitch if you want him too

–   He’s into his age 31 year, so Alex Anthopoulos may not see him as valuable than his younger contemporary
–   Doesn’t really get on base long enough to make a difference with his legs
–   He doesn’t offer a lot of bat, heck John McDonald was more of a bat


+   Not too bad of a fielder himself
+   Has better potential with his bat to be something
+   Has shown promise in 2009 and is 26 years old, so there’s plenty of room to grow

–   Doesn’t have exactly the same ability to play all positions as McCoy, (2B, 3B, SS, LF)
–   Doesn’t have much time to make an impact with the team before the start of the season. Spring Training or bust.
–   Also is not a big On Base threat


I see this playing out one of two ways. Either:

Alex Anthopolous goes young and upsidey and keeps Valbuena up with the big squad, effectively sending McCoy back to Vegas.


Valbuena flops in Spring Training and Mike McCoy keeps his job… for the time being.

I don’t know which one is better, honestly.

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