Lazy Journalism Day: Yu Darvish On The Fence

Will He or Won't He? Will They Jays or Won't They? (AP VIA DayLife)

Lazy Wednesday! Time for a poll!

Yu Darvish is probably THE best international pitching talent on the market right now. Only he isn’t technically available to the MLB right now… and apparently he may or may not be coming to North America. Also, some stupid stuff about his contemporaries that made the jump over and thier poor showings means he will do poorly. Yeah.

Anyways, because I’ve wanted to be more interactive (and I’m a lazy jerk), I’m going to ask you two questions. FIRST, do you think Yu Darvish is going to be posted? SECOND, who do you think wins the bidding war to get the Iranian-Japanese whirling Darvish.



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